Zoom G2 GUITAR Effects
The Zoom G2 multi-effects unit has 54 effects up to 9 at once; effects include chorus, flanger, pitch shifter, auto wah and delay. The G2 features no less than 17 different distortion types, 3 types of noise gate including ZNR and 5 types of reverb. The unit is 24 bit so you're guarantied crisp sounding distortions and effects; the G2 also has an in built rhythm function with 30 different drum beats to jam along to, with tempo adjustment. The new Zoom G2 is a great unit for both live and studio work or just fantastic to practice with at home.

Is this any good for a super-budget pedal? It's retailing at around £60 which is perfect for me.
i have the B2.1u and its pretty good. its worth paying the extra £20ish for the expression pedal!
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yeap... it's a bass pedal

just get the G2.1u...
the expression pedal will help you more...
I have the Zoom G2 and I really like it! In a nutshell this is a good description of the pedal: "You can get great sounds out of it, but you have to know how!"

You'll probably be spending quite some time tweaking your sounds since some things about the settings are just illogical at first, but once you figure it all out you'll get some very nice sounds. It won't beat a tube amp ofcourse, but especially the high-gain and clean sounds are great (crunch tones can be slightly muddy sometimes)

The built in drum computer thingy is also really handy for practising and stuff, and since this pedal is so cheap it's definatly a great buy! Feel free to PM me if you have any more specific questions about it since I've been using the pedal for quite some time.

By the way, I've heard that the stomp buttons on the pedal can easily break if you stomp on them very hard but I haven't had this problem. Just to be on the safe side don't start jumping on them or anything
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Thanks for the responses, I found it on special offer where it comes with a PSU and some stand thing, works out cheaper after P&P aswell!

edit: what's the difference between the G1 and G2 pedal? They seem to have the same effects.
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g1 is a cheaper model i think.
the g2 is great, but as Dardarian said, the stomp buttons can break easily, but that isn't too bit an issue. also, you wont get a better multi effects pedal for that kind of money.

p.s. heres some patch website to get you started, once you buy one:
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