Ok, basically this is my first ever attempt at songwriting and although it has potential, there are a fair few teething problems. Can't really classify genre tbh - influences stem from Thin Lizzy through Dream Theater and Metallica. There are parts of it I like (clean section especially) but my main problem is that I can't see whether it'll just sound a mess with vocals - basically just would like to know if it's too complex, particularly in the chorus as I still have to figure out and add vocals (in fact any tips on vocals would be greatly appreciated)

Any tips much welcomed, and C4C of course. Please don't be too harsh lol

Cheers, Ben
Hey man

Great tune!
It would make a good instrumental tune tbh

I like the solo 1

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Great song.
I loved the intro, but on the distortion guitar instead of all the rests in the end of bar 3 and start of bar 4 should be tied, it would make it sound more full.
Verse riff was great. Loved the melodies of the clean guitar.
Chorus was excellent, both guitars worked really well together, i especially like the part from bars 22-25.
The Clean Section: awesome, but i though bars 44-46 were a bit unnecessary, i think you should go straight into bar 47 as the riff in that bar onwards was amazing. The beginning Is also is missing a rhythm section in the drums.
Solo was excellent. Also loved the melody there.
Can't wait to hear this finished and this works really well as an instrumental.

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damm. that's good. I love that clean section part <3. Keep it up.