Hey guys. I have a metal band based in princeton/Cranbury nj. We play metalcore/deathmetal/ with a little hint of black metal maybe. We're all between 16-17 years old.

We are looking for a vocalist to do metal screams and growls, clean vocals would be cool too but it inst necessary. If you only do clean vocals we might be able to do all clean vox too but we'll have to see.

We are also looking for a Rhythm Guitarist to do fast chords/palm muting stuff and some harmonized leads.

We might need a drummer soon but i'm not sure, if your a metal drummer that has double bass reply.
Im from brooklyn, ny Im a vocalist/writer i usually do Death and Grind so I think we can work together....it just counts how far it is...and im 18 btw.
heeyyy, long time no talk. i'm that girl from hopewell who was going to sing for you a really really long time ago, but i cant sing. but i can play guitar quite well. talk to me on aim, my screen name's dwn n tnth strt