Try them out. Check out one of the Dime models....they OWN
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i tried out the dean and it twas great but i want to hear about the washburn. also i want a licensed floyd rose or something locking trem
Get the Washburn. Although it's a low end Nunno signiture it's got a Bill Lawrence pickup in it. From my expericene the quality of Washburn guitars is far superior to Dean. Then again if you've tried the Dean and liked it you should really try the Washburn first. You might find you don't like the feel of it.
Dave Mustain has wrote some of the most amazing solos...
That he can't actually play!
Someone has realised theres other Dean guitar apart from tEh kOoL rAzOrBaCk'S???

Well done sir.

And i'd say, ideally try them together in the same shop but its not an ideal world so just try and get a hold of each and read reviews of each.

Only people on Ultimate Guitar are like that.

As for the guitars.

1. Pickups your gonna choose yourself. so don't need to pay attention to that.
2. Two Completely differenty body types... Mahogany vs Alder. Warm vs Bright right? :p
3. Washburn 22 Frets vs Dean 24 Frets (What do you think is more comfortable?etc)
4. What is your budget you wanna spend?
5. What music do you wanna play? (since it's not a very expensive guitar , i assume it's your first electric?)
6. If i was looking at those guitars I would considder a guitar without a Floyd Rose. since it's pretty known that lowend guitars often don't have that good floyds (of course not all , especially Floyd Rose guitars themselves :p a Floyd Rose guitar from 400 euro can allready have the Speedloader Tremelo from Floyd Rose installed which F****in rocks)
7. Go try them out , see which plays most comfortable. Also look what fret acces is like when you go higher up the neck (i mean towards to 20th fret)
8. To be honest :p i think there are more guitars out there that will give you a nice setup....and I dont think the Washburn looks that sexy >_>
this will only be a guitar that i'll mod im not sure on the trem on the washburn but the dean has a pretty decent floyd on it. its only a Bill Lawrence USA L500l not the L500XL by bill himself but it would be an alright guitar. i would be playing metal and i do love mahogany but on some other sites it states that the dean is basswood and ye dean don't just make razorbacks :p
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Try them out. Check out one of the Dime models....they OWN

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you have just proved no one should ever listen to you, ever

Theyre allright... he only proved that he doesn't read what the threadstarter has to tell and is asking :p
alright also would i be better of getting a small valve amp before a guitar i've seen the Laney LC15R and i liked it when i played it but the price is what swayed me most and the fact it is a valve amp