ok, i recently posted a thread and got a lot of great help from it, thanks guys!
I originally thought of getting a tiny terror but people say not that good for metal. I started to think about getting a 30 watt orange rockerverb and am 90% decided on it.
I play a lot of different styles so i wanted versitility and i thought that the rockerverb could do it, what do you guys think?
would it still sound good like the tiny terror would at low volumes like when using in my bedrrom and would it be good for gigging in your opinion
im guessing it can handle all music but can it handle metal well, not been able to try one yet in store but it sounds good
thanks for your time and help
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Its perfect for gigging small venues if you've got the right speaker size. Some might say that 30 watt valve amps are too loud for bedroom practice, but they obviously havent noticed this wacky feature on most amps, the volume nob . It will sound fine in your bedroom, and congrats on your purchase!

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thanks man i was thinking of combining it with a ppc112 1x12 cab for the moment, do you think that i could keep the nice tone while palying quietly or would the good tone be lost at low volume
its not as nice tone, but its certainly not lost. It sounds much better louder but will still sound amazin at low volumes, i mean, its an orange valve amp! The 1x12 is fine, but look into 2x12's for bigger gigs, i doubt you'll need a 4x12.

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well they sound better at full volume, but an attenuator would help.
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Good man threadstarter!

It sounds pretty dang good for low volumes, better than any other amp I've played with. But remember...the 30 ain't a rockerverb, it's just a rocker. It doesn't have spring reverb (which is why I'm going to buy a reverb pedal soon) But all in all, it's so pure and so awesome! I don't think you'll be disappointed!
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well i currently use a peavey bandit 112 and wanted something nicer sounding when using in my bedroom so dont wanna waste money on something that will not make much difference
yeh may get the 2x12 if have enough money
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I also hear that Orange Amps are awesome, but my local GC's vintage room won't hook it up to a nice cab
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no the rocker won't do metal. It's got pretty high gain and i imagine if it was flat out full gain it would be pretty heavy but you will need an e.q pedal or a boost to get metal. Other than that, i'd say the amp is pretty ideal.
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hmmm well i got one a few weeks ago and its rocks .. hard fortunatly for me i have a gain boost on my jackson (before they updated them) which means i can stick that little bit more gain needed for metal tones as i play alot but im soon gonna get a EH Metal Muff but yeah its a killer amp sounds better the more you turn it up the cleans and the versitility are second to non in my opinion
the rocker 30 and the 1x12 will be fine for big gigs just get it miced, if you play unmiced anyways youd blow out pples ears in the front while it will be comfortable for the pple in the back
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