i've been playing the guitar for almost 6 years but have just recently picked it up again after not playing for a long time. i have a problem that i've never had before in that when i play barre chords or anything that requires my pinky being on the 5th or 6th strings, the 2nd (main) joint of my left pinky finger will lock into place. i have to literally snap the joint back into a bent position, which is mildly painful and very aggravating.

i was wondering if anybody else has ever had this problem, if it's something i can work on, and can help me get my pinky back to normal. thanks!
Sorry I can't actually help you but I just thought i'd say I have this on my 3rd and 4th fingers, luckily its on my picking hand so I just use it to creep people out...

Anyway I have noticed I have it just a tiny bit (compared to the other fingers) on my fretting hand pinky and yes it can be annoying now and then.

Wish I could help but I know nothing about it.