I live in England, i've been playing for about 3 years, and am looking to buy a new guitar. I currently play a schecter C-1 Classic. I've a £350 budget and i want a guitar that will be good for playing metal, i did have the Ibanez S470 or Schecter damien FR in mind, what d'you think to these? any other suggestions?
You can use alot of guitars for metal, I say you go to your local shop if you can and try them out and see which one you like more. I say some good metal brands are Jackson, Ibanez, ESP, Washburn, Dean guitars. Just look for those brands and try their guitars in your budget.
It depends on what you consider metal. If metal means having a "metal" type of guitar (EMGs, Floyd Rose) or sounding metal. My Schecter C1+ sounds very metal when using a crunchy digital amp like a Line6 Spider II with my bridge humbucker. When I use the Neck humbucker with tube amp with just overdrive, it sounds very "classic". I think you need to revisit your amp and see if it is capable of giving you that sound you are looking for. If you want one for looks, then thats another story.

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