Anyone modded their Boss MT-2 by themselves ? I don't mean sending it away for the Keeley upgrade, i mean buying the mod kit and doing it yourself ? Does it make much of a difference ?

Does anyone have the Keeley modded version ? If so, what's the opinion compared to the original ?

I'm thinking of getting the kit to upgrade it but want to know if there is much point from people who have already done it.
The Keeley Mod is still nasally as ****. Better, but it's still no Bogner/Recto. Send it into Mark Humpherey. He'll take care of you and do it for a lot less than Keeley does it.
I modded mine, i forget what the name of the mod was though... It wasnt Keeley though. But mine sounds a lot better. But i still think im gunna trade it in for a ML2 when it comes out.