so, what are peoples thoughs on Mendeeds new album? Kerrang! gave it 5 stars and i certainly think its worthy of that.... I got it today and f***in love it i love the title track and Our War
i dont know how many people are even aware of mendeed as their is only 9 tabs but you SHOULD check out this album!

and by the way... my last mendeed thread was in the Hardcore thing and and got told they were metal... so dont blame me if this is in the wrong place
i quite like mendeed i seen them once when they supported trivium thy were tight apparently i was talkin to the guitaist outa mendeed and wreckin his head cause i was drunk but i have no memorys of this but it soudned fun.
Mendeed are metalcore, so they need to be discussed in the hardcore forum.

Take it there, please.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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Pretty Mediocre if i'm honest with you. I saw them with Send More Paramedics as support and they were far outdone by their support act.

Either way, Mendeed belong in the Hardcore Forum.
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am i the only one who thinks that there should really be a metalcore forum so this kind of thing stops happening?
Nah, the hardcore forum is enough.
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last time people said it was metal... so i've moved it here now im told to move it... sheesh
I saw them when they supported Trivium at the Carling Apollo, they were pretty good but they were outshined by God Forbid. Then again by Trivium