Womb Music: Music played to you before you were born and still in you mummy's tummy...what kinda stuff did your parents play you before you were born to make you a genius? I was played Dire Straits and The Beach Boys so I'm a genius...

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my mom found me sitting in the kitchen, eating Corn Flakes from the floor. when she asked me what I was doing, I just roared at her and ran up to my room.

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I'm pretty sure I was listening to the Beatles.

Didn't help any.
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I don't actually know, I'll find out though.

It was probably bob dylan, or the stones, or country joe and the fish.
zeppelin and jethro tull
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Beating the elderly is a big favourite of mine. Also, pushing kids over and kicking pregnant women in the womb is fun.

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Mostly stuff like Madness, Bob Marely and some Duran Duran.
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The Beatles, The Platters, Dylan, The Shadows

Stuff like that
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my parents dont like music, so it was likely that i actually listened to nothing.


i dont know how they live.
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Wow, you people know all these things...I can't remember that far back

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My mother always listened to Sting. ALWAYS. So I think I was played Sting when I was young.
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Right said Fred

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Psh. I can can play fleshlight acoustically.

Music was always just kind of... something to keep you entertained when your driving/working for my parents. I doubt they every purposely played something when I was little. Country was on the radio all the time, but I pretty much hate modern country now.
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Pink Floyd, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush et al.
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Classical music.
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My dad desent listen to music, but my mum does. And she loves Genesis, so i guess that, i just wish it was 'tallica