i need a little help. i have an sx tele copy. whenever i bend on the 15th fret of the high e or b strings, the sound just seems to die out. this is the only place on the guitar that it happens. the action was already a bit high, but lowering it just made the notes not play at all. could this just be a bad fret or something?
It's most probably the action, this happened to me on my guitar, every time i bent about a whole note up on the 15th and higher the note cut out. I increased the action a tad , now I'm able to bend fine.

Higher Action = Notes don't cut out
Lower Action = Easier playability

So you have to sacrifice a bit of playability for notes not dying out when bending if your use to a very low action unless you find an in between.
i high fret cant really mess with ur action.

u can examine the frets, see it that one is damaged or higher than the others.

also u can measure the neck angle, make sure it's sitting as good as it can, to get the lowest action without buzz.

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