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I tried to search for this, but I couldn't figure out what keywords would bring the topic up, if its even been brought up before.

My buddy doesnt know where his amp is and I was going to let him use my amp. (My buddy plays bass and I play guitar) Ive had bass plugged into this amp before, but not for very long. Is this a bad thing to do? Could there be negative consequences?
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You asking whether its ok to plug a bass guitar into a guitar amp?
If yes then the amp should be ok aslong as the volume is kept very low ( I would suggest up to a quarter of the way) If its turned up louder it can damage the amp.

Edit: Have a search in the bass forum, its asked there relatively often
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It ruins the speaker, don't risk it if you really love your amp.
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I wouldn't do it if i were you....guitar amps aren't designed to handle the lower frequensies of a bass...it could screw up your speaker and speakers aren't exactly cheap

EDIT: Just curious, what kind of amp is it?
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If it's a cheap amp you don't use or care about, then go for it. If it's a decent amp, then no. The low frequencies ruin the speakers.
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