Okay so Im just starting on the bass(well actually been playing with it for about 4 months) and I know a few songs, nothing to hard though, some SOAD and RHCP. Anyways I know that scales and hand techniques are important and that what Ive tried working on. Problem is that I have no clue how to advance and I dont have the time or money to get lessons.
My question is that at the local shop they have the Hal-Leonard fast track series and was wondering if that is a good lesson to start off on. Thanks for the Help. BTW I like to listen to RHCP, Mudvayne, SOAD and stuff like that and have a Yamaha Bass.
I don't know about the Hal-Leonard thing, so can't help you there. However the lessons here on UG are pretty good if you're trying to get your theory and techniques improved, along with this forum which has a lot of talented people who know what they're talking about. I've been playing for about fourteen months nows, and never had lessons or watched those DVD things but I'm always advancing in what I know and my ability.
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Like dinkydaisy said, quite a few of the lessons here are very helpful. I am taught but only having one half hour lesson a week isn't much. When I don't have my lessons I am at the moment trying to learn all my modes from a Hal-Leonard book and it's really helpful so I would guess the fast track series would be good.
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The Hal Leonard books are solid for technique and learning. The Bass Method (I-III) are good for filling the gaps and for getting basic technique down. From there, Hal Leonard has specific books on all sorts of bass related technique and theory, from modes to how to perfect slap bass.