Is it like pro level and very hard to play ordoes it just take time, ive had a go a couple of times n just gave up, i really want to be able to play so is it just something that takes a little patience???
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is it just something that takes a little patience???

I'm sure Take That could answer your question for you
^^ brilliant...
just keep working at it...when you get the last bit of the solo I've found that it has immeasurably improved my speed around the fret board and it's now something I can nearly play perfectly without fail...good luck and don't give up, just play it slowly and work your way up...
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It's definitely possible, depends how long you've been playing as to how long it will take you to get it down though. Just be patient, take inspiration from the fact that I am generally quite bad at sitting down and actually learning solos, but I managed it with this one, so you definitely can.
Do it bar by bar and don't continue until you've done that bar 5 times perfectly. It goes together quicker too. That's how I learnt it.
It's not too hard. Just keep trying.
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It's a great solo, and very technical, so yes it will require time, patience, and practice. Some of those bends really kick my ass .
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I never found it too hard, but just a bit too long to remember every single bit of it(I was feeling lazy...)
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