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am building an explorer type guitar from warmoth parts, body and neck will be mahogany. I was thinking an ebony fretboard would look sweet but i am worried on the impact it will have on the guitars tone, According to Warmoths own wood description, it is practically the polar opposite of mahogany (i.e. very bright as opposed to the warmth of mahogany) I will be using an EMG 81/85 combination and am searching for a metallica "black album" type tone, however i would like the guitar to be versatile enough to play lighter stuff such as Iron Maiden and Heavier Stuff like Pantera. - Would i be safer sticking with a rosewood fingerboard? (rosewood is listed as being almost neutral on their tone scale)?
The fretboards impact on tone is very small. Get the fretboard that you think feels the best, not the one that you think will sound the best. Having the guitar feel right in your hands will have a much greater impact on how the guitar sounds because it changes how you play the guitar.
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Ebony sounds very similar to maple and gives a little more bite, but not much.

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Ebony is like black maple almost. it is a tiny bit darker.
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