Everytime i string bend, my guitar goes out of tune. Is it the strings or my trem's fault? Ever since i bought a new trem block its been getting out of tune alot.
What trem is it? Strings going out of tune is common with poor quality trems. That's why most people opt for an original Floyd Rose or a Kahler system which are much better and stay in tune.
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There is a thread for this at the top btw.

Are they new strings?
Are your springs 'tight' enough, do you have enough of them so that the tension is good on the strings?

Is the nut filed correctly for the gauge of strings you're using?

Are the strings good/new?

Are they wound onto the tuners corrctly?

Are the tuners loose?

There are so many variables for this one mate, try em all and slowly eliminate each one.
floyd rose I assume? if so tighten the screws down in the back which set spring tension, and then get a small block of wood that can fit under the floyd rose so it sits flush with the guitars body. if you're a begginer than you shouldnt be messing with a whammy bar. in order to get the block under the trem you will use the whammy bar to pull the trem up. hopefully thats not too confusing.