Alright, my parents got a Squier 15 from some friends of the family.

Is it a solid-state or what? I have no idea.


They are wrong about the 15 watts, on the back it says that it should be doing 42 watts (If I remember right)

Go to that site for the pictures, I haven't found any other pictures but the ones on that link (And I'm at college and the Amp is at home

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Solid state. Any tube amp will be heavy for its size and have things that look like skinny lightbulbs hanging from it. And watts is just a measurement of power consumption, so you're probably just misreading it somehow.
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I think that 42 means it consumes 42 watts of power when its on, its something like that, it is a 15 watt amp.

and yeah its Solid state.
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