I've got a Dean guitar at the moment and I don't really care for it that much. Nor do I really like any other Deans. So I'm looking for a new guitar. I play alot of hair metal (guns n roses, ozzy, poison,scorpions) and grunge (nirvana, alice in chains ect.) Stuff like that. I'm not sure what guitar to get though. My price range is anything less than $1000. I want something that looks cool as well. I'd like an intermediate guitar that can grow with me.
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Yes!! Scorpions!!!! anywho... hmmm i dont really know what to suggest to who because your like the first person on this forum that hasent been like, "I play metal and i need a guitar for under $300"...sooo.... haha dude im totally sorry but i really cant help you. im thinking maybe an epi les paul or maybe a strat.
look into high end jacksons with an sum EMGs and youll be set for all genres.
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Like a said before, an Epi Les Paul. Possibly a black beauty, i think thats like $800. since the music youll be playing doesnt downtune much, maybe e flat and drop d, try to get something with a tremelo, thats the key to hair metal music.
For $1000 you should take a serious look into a used Les Paul. Epi LP is garbage....no offense everyone....but really. Jackson or Ibanez maybe..... you're going to want something with some body, sustain, and picks up good harmonics..... responsive to your hands. And depending on your style..... maybe something with a Floyd Rose for some really authentic 80's Glam work. There's a reason why LP's PRS and high end guitars are expensive. And why the bottom end are cheap. But for $1000 you could get something Way better than a knock-off version of something.
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You play hair band stuff now, but you are going to play something different in a couple months. Its a guaranteed rule of the guitar player, your style changes constantly. first you play classic rock then hair band then metal then jazz. each get progressively harder to play. Do not get a strat. Get something with a thin neck, good sustain and a nasty tone. Look around. I found a prestige ibanez RGT 220, list price is $1899.00 i bought it new for 1100.00. It is gorgeous and anything can be played on it, very versitile. A les paul is good for a lot of things but you just dont get the right action out of it. Thats my speal and it is pretty dead on.
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not sure how much it is tho.
around 1000
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