i'm going to change my bridge pickup to a duncan jb trembucker. i've read that SD and fender pups are not in phase with one another, so that when wiring i'll have to switch the hot wires and the ground. i've seen a few schematics, but they seem to contradict one another.

heres what i plan on running:


but, since i'm using fender single pups on the mid and neck, i think i have to attach the green wire to the 5 way and the black to the volume pot along with the grey. can someone let me know if this is correct?
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You could also just send the black wires from the singles to the switch, and the other wire (white or yellow) to the ground.
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is there a "standard" phase? is fender just an oddball? or do many companies differ like SD/fender? is there a list of pickup brands that are equal phases? i plan on upgrading the stock fender pups someday as well. i might switch the fender pups as you mentioned and wire the JB normally, so i won't have to play with it again when i get new single pups and they're all be wires as in the diagram.