How do I get a button to play a scene?

I'm on scene 5, and I want this button to go back to scene 2 on release. I've turned it into a button (F8 then selected button) There is music playing in scene 5 so I want that to stop too before going back to scene 2 otherwise it will overlap.

and have

on (release) {stopAllSounds();
gotoAndPlay (Scene 2();


Which doesn't work.
Google got me this:
on(release) { stopAllSounds(); }.

Do I smell a mistake?
Axe FX 2
Matrix GT1000FX
Mesa 4x12
Behringer FCB1010
now I have

on(release) { stopAllSounds(); 

	gotoAndPlay ("Scene 2");


It's stopping the sounds but just starting the thing from the beginning instead of Scene 2.