Hey, pretty new to actually doing technical adjustments to my guitar. The E on my bass sounds much louder than my A D and G, and Im wondering how i would go about adjusting my pick ups or the action to fix this, and make them all have an equal tone.

Its an American Fender Jazz by the way. hope this isnt too bonehead of a question, but i couldnt find it on the search...
That's a problem often related to active pick ups. However, since you own a JB, probably you need to adjust pick up height. It's easy, just a little screw to tighten, so to put the PU lower,,
let me know!
Yep, just screw it in so its farther a way from the E string and just like when you walk away from a microphone, it should get softer to balance out. Easy to fix.

EDIT: If it mostly happens when your amp is one, double check all the EQ settings too.
Yeah aside from lwoering the pick-ups, check to see how much lows or bass you have on your bass/amp because it could be cranked and giving the low e a lot more sound.
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That is only because when you pluck on the E there are no other strings behind it so when you pluck you pull the string back more.
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