ive been playin guitar for about 2 years and need to learn some more solos and i want to learn some of jimmys but i have no idea what he was doin. and what does it take besides alot of practice and time to solo ya know ,, good. i only know 3 solos and i want to learn more i only know mother .. living loving maid .. and knockin on heavens door.

i just love led zeppelin ,, cant help it
im not quite sure i understand...but jimmy page's solos are almost always minor pentatonic based, if that helps at all?
His solos are mostly minor pentatonic.
But im not sure if thats what you wanted, if you want some solos :
-stairway to heaven.
-moby dick
-going to california
-black dog etc.....
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The Rover is one of his easier ones. If I remember, there's no really fast runs or anything. Stairway is actually one of the easier ones too. Some of his stuff, such as Heartbreaker and Since I've Been Loving You have some runs that are too fast for me to play.

It is mostly minor pentatonic, like others said.