I fcuking love them.
Their album just hit, and it's amazing. The vocals are just mesmerizing, I've been addicted to them lately.
Favorite song: A Reason for Broken Wings.
And hey, what do ya know-it's on their purevolume.
I don't know why..
I don't know why I fight for you this way.
they are so good. one of my friends used to play drums in that band before they got big tho.

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Can't say I dig 'em. But when I listened to them I remember thinking "wow that guy can sing high!" then I looked up a video of them playing live, and he wasn't hitting any of the notes.
just got into them a few days ago and i must say theyre one of my fav bands already...

we'll see how long they stay one of my favorite
They're awesome!

Been listening to them the past few weeks, they're such a nice blend of differenet styles.

Some really awesome melodies!
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