If you were replacing the bridge pickup in this guitar and wanted a very metal tone, what would you choose? I usually play stuff like: Children of Bodom, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Pantera etc. Price isn't really a problem, just nothing extremely expensive.

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I had the same problem man I went with a Seymour Duncan SH-6 in the bridge, although I'm yet to change the neck and middle pickups
go with Bill Lawrence 500XL (the one dime used)
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In my rg1570 I have a tonezone bridge, but for bands like that i'd probably go evolutions or drop-sonics though.
Although seeing as you dont have a problem with price (and im unsure on what you classify expensive) I'd also suggest bareknuckles. Heard some last night and i was really impressed.

I just noticed your amp. It'd be best (imo) if instead of changing pickups you upgrade your amp to a nice tube combo.
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Dimarzio Breed or a D-SOnic are probably the best bets.
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2005 Ibanez RG1570
1998 Ibanez RG7620
1998 Mesa 2 Ch. Dual Rec
Well. I have EMG 81/85's in my 1570. Those have the most saturation out of any pickup. They are not organic sounding though. Just total all out saturation and distortion.

Get the Seve Vai Evolution's if you want a natural organic sound. They are very punchy and powerful. Great Harmonics too.

Either EMG's or the Evo's will make a HUGE difference from the cheapo V7 V8 pickups that come stock.
Check out www.highorderpickups.com. You can customize them yourself .

I would highly suggest you get a new amp, however.
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There's always the good ol Super Distortion. I have one in the bridge, and it suits me just fine.
Yeah iw ould put a DiMarzio Super Distortion in it...i plan to

Sorry to highjack the thread for my own use..but...

TOnight i was jamming, and i realiazed i really want a guitar with 24 frets and a floating trem, and a thin neck cause my sg/strat necks are too chubby for the stuff im playing, good for blues but meh...too fat for my wee fingers. SO...is there much different between the RG1570 and the RG2550? BEsides the inlays and pickguard? would it be worth it to buy the RG2550 for the Dimarzio/Ibanez pickups that come with it?...or should i just get the Rg1570 and swap the bridge?

I really like the looks of the 2550, but it would probably end up costing me an assload in Canadian dollars, so i think the 1570 might be my best bet?

/sorry for highjacking
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