my digitech death metal distortion pedal just came in and i hooked it correctly and put brand new batteries in it... its not working when i hook it up my amp and guitar do not go together. i hook the amps input to the pedals "out 1" (amp). then i hook my guitar to the input on the pedal. then i turn my amp on and i try to play and my amp acts like its not connected to my guitar. whats the problem?

o and BTW my amp works fine without the pedal/
dodgy cables? maybe the battery wasnt charged or something.
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Maybe you put in the batteries in the pedal incorrectly.

Or the batteries suck.
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1. Check the level and EQ on the pedal
2. make sure there is a cable in the input or its not going to turn on.
If that doesnt work....
Change the 9V battery
If that doesnt work...
You may have recieved a defected pedal.