This was one of the first songs I wrote, the chorus has a funny rythm which might be slightly off putting, wondering what you guys think of it. Verses are a bit straight forward.. oh and its in no particular order(Y)


So this is how it ends,
We never tried at all,
Forgotten words still consume me,
But you never seem to fall

And this is how it all fell apart,
with bloody noses,
and no dignity.

Remember the summer we had,
Just thought of it makes me sad,
'Coz from the ink of this pen,
I dout you'll ever come back again.

Excuse me can I have my shirt back,
'Coz yours has probably dried,
And can you stop this brutal attack,
Because its killing me inside.

Don't get me started on what you just said,
Why can't we just get along instead,
This bitch brought us appart,
But I was here from the start.
That was a rare post..

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