I currently own an Ibanez RG470 and I am considering selling it, or trading it. I love it to death, and it's my dream guitar, but the Floyd Rose bridge is getting to be too much for me, and I can't get used to it.

My Ibanez RG470: 2003 model.

-Mine, I believe, is Japanese-made, but don't quote me on that.

-Stock pick-ups, Bridge and Neck Humbuckers, (V7 and V8) and a single coil, (S1). Passive.

-Basswood body, rosewood fretboard, maple neck. Great sustain with the neck, and the body has great tone for something as light as basswood.

-Two control knobs, one tone, one volume. Five-way selector switch.

The finish is the metallic red/magenta. It has a few chips in the finish, but they aren't very noticable, and easily fixed, which I may consider doing before I trade/sell this. The action is great, the neck is thin and makes soloing very, very easy and fun. I play anything from Metallica to Green Day and this RG can cover it all. The clean tone is a little trebly, not much bass to it, even when it's set to a humbucker setting.

For this, I would accept offers in cash, or a straight trade of other merchandise. I have my eye on either an Epi Les Paul, Explorer, or an ESP Explorer (Hint hint). But really, I am very open minded to this, if you can offer something that interests me, we may have a deal.

I'll be posting pics of it so you can see its condition vey soon, but my camera is broken now and I need to borrow one from a friend.


EDIT: Also trying to offload a Line 6 Spider II 15 watt thats never been used except for one occasion when I played it at a friends, works perfectly.
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Would you accept an ESP Viper-100FM for a trade?
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It has a DiMarzio x2n in the bridge that accents the agathis very well and makes it sound tons better.
looks pretty good, i isee that dimarzio in the bridge haha.

Could i coax a little something more out of you? Maybe a pedal or two something/

I have an Ibanez CF7 Chorus Flanger and PH7 Phaser. I also have a lot of picks, extra cables and I can throw in a gig bag for you too.

So, you can pick a pedal and I'll throw in a gigbag too.

Edit: I also have a DOD Thrash Metal Pedal and a DOD Stereo Chorus, but they're older and I'm not sure if they work still, but I could test them for you. I also have DOD Bass Multi-Effects pedal.
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okay, can you find out how that pedal works, and then idk, i might.

wait a week, i wanna see if i can get anythign from someone else. Don't wanna do anything impulsive
Did you decide not to trade? Or are you still just looking for potential better offers?
just looking for better offers.

Just wondering, but would you want to pick up an Epi Sg special too? I've had it a while and I'm trying to get rid of it since I don't use it anymore
I might be interested, I'd have to see pictures.

I'm more interested in the Ibanez though. I can throw in some money too if that'll sway you.

Oh yeah, btw, do you have pics of the RG?
the sg's in good condition, probably an 8 or 9/10. One of the pickups has "fallen" into the body, but I'm fixing that since all i need to do is reset the screws. the fretboard has a little bit of wear on the 9th fret but it doesnt effec tthe sound. I'll try to get some pics of both up soon.

And how much money are we talkign about?

I don't really know what to throw out, but I guess that's a good starting point.
That's not something I want to just throw out in the open really, but how much (with my guitar plus a pedal) cash are you looking for?

BTW, if you want to hear the guitar in action, you can go to www.myspace.com/scarangella.

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yeah i understand about the money thing haha. but i was thinking with the guitar and pedal that $100 or $110 would be pretty reasonable. And a but more if you wanted to pick up the epi too
Well, how about this. Since we have to ship, I'd have to spend money on that, how about $70 with the guitar and pedal?