That must have been an audience of happy men.
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When you take a crap do you clean your ass siting down or standing?
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upside down
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You're working for the government aren't you?
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I don't have an ass.

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although my lack of a youtube account prohibits me from watching due to "adult content", ill assume its something sexy/sex related and agree.

i havent watched it yet, but probably not. my guess is some square twat flagged it for insulting his religion because somebody said ass.
For those of you juniors who can't watch it... it's women in lingerie playing american tackle football.
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good god i would have loved to have been in that crowd
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You know what they found in Jeffrey Dahmers freezer?
...Ben and Jerry (ba dum bum psh)

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if there was a metal jail, Metallica would be Pantera’s bitch

RIP Kurt Cobain
RIP Dimebag Darrell
Burn in hell Nathan Gale