I have a 100% mint Ibanez RGA121 for sale. It is the black model and was bought new last October. I still have all of the original tags and paperwork. This guitar has the prestige neck on it and plays super sweet. Of course, the Team J-Craft hardshell case is also included. I am looking for $700 for everything and guarantee you can't tell this one from a brand new one. I will also consider a trade for either a Taylor or Martin acoustic guitar. I am only selling this guitar to fund the purchase of one of the above. You can check my ebay feedback and see that I am a trustworthy seller and I will also accept paypal so you can be protected that way also. Please let me know if you are interested. Here are some picture.

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hey your pics arent workring
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I am lowering the price to $650 shipped (domestic). I will be putting it on ebay next week if it is still available.
Here is the auction for anyone that is interested.
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No ebay links allowed,please remove it. And would you be willing to trade for a Kawai acoustic? If you want I'll take pics.
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