Rite lets starts this off by saying i need a bit of advice. I do music gcse at school and the gcse is split into 4 parts. Each part is worth 25% of the grade. One of the 25% is this thing called the 'intergrated assignment'. For that you have to pick a area of study from a choice and do the task from that area of study. I chose Orchestral Landmarks even though i dont play any orchestral instrument. The task is to compose a piece of music in either rondo form (ABACA) or arch form (ABCBA). I have chose to do rondo form. I play guitar and i am composing a song without lyrics in that form. The thing is.. rondo form is aimed at classical music. This song i am composing at the moment is a rock song. For rondo form it is ABACA which i have chosen as 'Verse, Chorus, Verse, Solo, Verse'. The problem is.. there will only be 1 chorus and the song will end on a verse! This is weird eh.. So i need advice on how i could make my song that i'm doing sound good and what i could do. Thanks for listening.
Make A the chorus and B the verse.

Oh, and don't make it a rock song.
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Well, you said it was aimed at a more classical tune, didn't you? If you think of it like chorus and verse, it would sound a bit odd, having the strong part of the tune going in for the kill only once. I would try to think of them as separate parts, each part (A B C) having it's own strong points and points of high interest.

But then again, what do I know about arrangements and classical music?
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Make A the chorus and B the verse.

Oh, and don't make it a rock song.