I have a Randall 200w SS amp but i want to get a a half stack or combo or something but i only have like $500. is it worth it or should i jsut stick with the Randall for now?
Well, I'm assuming you want to upgrade in quality as well, correct?

If so, just stick it out with the Randall for a little longer until you've saved up a decent amount of money (~$1000), then trade in the Randall for whatever it's worth, add a little to you savings, and buy a new half stack/combo.

Go tube.
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im not trying to diss on you or anything but i dont see why anyone would get a SS half stack over a tube combo, sure it may not look as cool but what i have found is that people buy half stacks for nothing but volume. Not are tubes louder, but they sound better, and usually cheaper too.

Something to think about
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well a tube combo would prolly be better. but i dont know how much to spend on one of them either...