Right now I have a shitty $200 Squier Affinity Strat and a $100 Crate Amp. I want to upgrade my gear but have a limited budget of approx. $800. Could some one recommend a guitar/amp/both/whatever that could be purchased in that price range and improve my tone considerable. For anyone that asks I play mainly metal/rock and am considering taking up jazz as well. As far as bands go I like Megadeth/Metallica/GunznRoses/Rush/etc. Something close to their sound (singular) would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance
somthing ibanez, try and sz or an rg, ****ing great guitars
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rondomusic.net is the place to buy a guitar. the SX seg 1 with the floyd rose should suit you. thats about $130. then buy a sweet amp with the rest. GET A TUBE AMP FOR TONE! solid state sucks all the time. sell the peice-of-squire and the amp on ebay. easy 200 bucks there. then buy this amp.


this has all the power you need and you wont go begging to use someone elses amp to sound good. my lead guitar player has the 15 watt version of this and it is LOUD. it also sounds amazing. i wish i had your budget when i started.

good luck man!
(P.S. if you dont like the guitar, Kurt at rondo will take it back for no charge. he is the definition of customer service.)