I have a Randall 200w SS amp but i want to get a a half stack or combo or something but i only have like $500. is it worth it or should i jsut stick with the Randall for now?
well...i got a B-52 4x12 half stack for my birthday, and it was only $500 it's normally $600 but the guy at guitar center took $100 off. B-52 makes awesome metal amps, it gets a great clean tone too.

Oh, its a tube simulation amp, so it sounds like a tube, but its really a solid state
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if you have a 200w amp combo, im inferring, then just buy a cabinet and hook up the 200w to the cabinet.
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IMO just keep saving. Why do you want to change? Does the Randall not satisfy you? You could always sell it to boost your funds and get a new amp. What music styles do you play?
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i want to change cause people keep telling me i made a bad choice and that i shoulda got a tube combo or something and im pretty amp illiterate. i really havent had much expierince with electric.
What model of Randall amp is this? How much did you pay for this?
its a G3 RG200w n its says 200wtube/mosfet power n its "valve-dynamic"and it was like $500.
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