i am looking for a guitar in the price range of 0-$500. I have Dimarzio Evos pickups waiting to be put in, so pickups are not a nessesarity lol... however i'd like some kind of trem system that locks (OFR, Some kind of Edge, ect..). Also i like the Flying V body style, but its not that important. I would play mostly distorted music such as hard rock or metal. My favorite band is dragonforce.

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Ibanez S320 Budget:
Ibanez S470 + Evos... the guitar Dragonforce uses! And the pickups! Wow, what a great coincedence!

But in all honesty, get the S470, ZR trem will own.
where can you find the s470 for under 500? i heard that its discontinued. anyways, s series kicks major ass.
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