hey im going to sell my shitty marshall avt150 and i wanted to know what do you think is a fair price to ask for it. It is the avt150 head with footswitch and the avt angled cab. There is also a flight case for the head that was made at my dads work so its probably worthless. The amp head was recently serviced and had the tube replaced and the head could pass as brand new its in that good condition. the cab generally is in very good condition but thee is a slight rip on the black covering, astetic damage only and very unnoticable. what do you think is a fair price to try and sell this for in pounds sterling
maybe $500.
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£350 max - try and fob it off to someone who knows nothing and just go on about how powerful it is, how it's a half stack and how it's marshall. and then point out all the really expensive marshall, then say it has a tube in it which means the distortion is amazing. I they know nothing they won't know anything about tubes so that should get you a decent price.
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