I've been playing guitar 3 years as of tomorrow and I consider myself to be an 'ok' guitarist.

My strengths are definately riffing. I play metal, and can play chug (chimaira, killswitch engage etc) as well as playing some more technical riffs.

However, I really want to improve my guitar playing. I've never had a lesson in my life and I can do techniques such as tremelo picking and pinch harmonics. But I really want to get better at lead. I want to solo!!!!

I'm sure there are others that have felt like this. I love nothing better than a great solo, like All That Remains style.

Can any one help me by giving me some beginners tips?

Much appreciated

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Learning theory would probably help a lot. Learning what notes sound good over what chords and why and how to get a certain feel to the song. I'm working on the same thing right now.
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2 major things.....

learn your theory like a big boy!!!! don't just learn a tiny little bit like a couple scales, learn a lot like chord construction, interval relations and counterpoint (which would come last due to its inherent complexity)

2nd thing i recommend, search for the thread gpb posted, 21 day workout (or exercise i can't remember which) it basically states "whatever you're working on be it sweep picking, alt picking string skipping etc" practice it at the most comfortable speed at which you can ACCURATELY do what you are trying to do. do NOT increase the speed over the 21 days. play at the same speed consistently. this will build good muscle memory. i've been playing for 10 years and i never liked my lead playing (it wasn't tight enough) i'm on day 2 and i've been practicing everything and i can already tell a bit of difference. trust me, it works!!! i recommend that for getting used to playing leads.