Ohh yeah Cheap Trick fan right here
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I've seen them live and have Live at Budokan (Sp?) on vinyl. Nielsen has some of the most odd/beautiful guitars I've ever seen. My favs:

and not real, but:
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^ Damned good guitars

I've got that same live album too, their most famous album - it's quite catchy
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Not a real big fan, I personally cannot stand "Surrender," but I know a guy who opened for them in the late 70s/early 80s.
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Ja Ich bin Ein cheaptrick Fan

Nah I aint german, LOVE THEM


Their first record was fantastic. Auf Wiedersehen is one of my favorite songs ever. Also, note my user ID. =D

I'm new here, and I tried to start a "Official Cheap Trick Appreciation Thread" and got reported. Damn mods =)
I like em somewhat. Their guitarist has so many guitars though. I saw them in concert with Run DMC and Aerosmith. They put on a pretty good show. Needless to say I enjoyed their stage presence more than I could ever enjoy all their albums.
fukin love em
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Cheap Trick was my 1st rock concert right after "Live at Budokan" came out. I saw them last year when they opened for Aerosmith.Other than a few extra lbs. they haven't lost their touch! Okay.Maybe Rick didn't carry 5 or more guitars at the last one, but who cares...they still rock!
ya man cheap trick is the shit. their first album is so poppy and great, its rad. i love all of their albums. one of my fav bands. He's a ***** is a brilliant tune!
there cool guitars but whats the point of them
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dude, gotta love cheap trick.

Jazza1234, there is no point to having a guitar that looks like that. It's either just a tool for overcompensation or dude was on LSD when he was designing them. I personally think they rock, but thats just me.