good price, but
better than teh jackson
Schecter Daimen FR Special
Guitar Rig 3
LFR and a Basswood body? No.
However, the Jackson isn't such a hot guitar either.
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its called

Liscenced Floyd Rose. And Basswood, at least to myself, usually has a very dull tone.
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its called

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LFR and a Basswood body? No.

It doesnt say anything about it being an LFR anywhere.

And to the threadstarter, I played the Damien 6 yesterday, and it was surprisingly good for the price. Great distortion tones out of it, and the cleans werent too bad for EMGs. But I cant comment on the Floyd. If it is a real Floyd, go for it, but I would try it out to see if its an OFR or LFR.

Oh, LFR is Liscenced Floyd Rose, which isnt too much different than the Original Floyd Rose (OFR) but, it is made out of a softer metal, so it wont be as tough, and I hear that sometimes the locking tuners and the clamps wear down on the LFRs, or they break and loose tension on the strings, which will suck if your in the middle of a gig.
I have one, and I think it is the best guitar I have ever played, after showing it to my guitar teacher, he asked me how much it cost, when I told him $400 he just about crapped his pants! Said it was better than alot of Pre-CBS Fenders he has seen.

EDIT: By the way, the Floyd is AMAZING! I can play using the Trem excessively for hours and it will still be perfectly in tune. It's LFR. And it comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, so I don't see it breaking being a huge problem.
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