I am a Guitar Player, Keyboard Player, and a Drummer and i enjoy recording songs with friends, and by myself. I own a bass but it is a horrible Carlo Robelli 3/4 bass, and got it used for $60 at sam ash like 5 years ago. It barely gets the job done as the neck is completely screwed and D string always breaks.

I am planning on getting a bass so i can start playing it, and so i can record.

I would like to get Value Pack (the ones that come with the amp and the case ect), BUT I am leaning towards a 5-string Bass, but they are hard to find in the packs. If i can find a few that i know they will sell in the store, i'll get it.

And if i cant....

i would still need to tune down to B E A D, and i've tried it before on my 4 string, uhhh 3 STRING and it sounds horrible, i cant tell if it is the bass or the strings. If I do settle for a 4 string pack, and i want to detune it, do they sell heavier strings, like on the guitar for detuning.

Thank you in advance
You can just buy a 5-string set, and put the BEAD strings on. You'll have to widen the nut slots to accommodate the thicker gauge, and adjust the truss rod to compensate for the increased tension. But it's certainly doable.
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Sounds to me like an excuse.

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i was thinking about that just thought maybe it would be to wide, but like you said, some adjustment should be fine, I ask this becuz I listen to Type O Negative, (the reason why i want a real bass) and they also tune down,

are most 5 string packs much more expensive or are they in the same price range