Ive been reading the jimi hendrix bio room full of mirrors. And before i read it i wasnt that big of a fan and now im starting to really get into his stuff. So i wanna give it a go on some hendrix songs any easy ones to start out on?
all off off them are easy except little wing, and and bold as love. and neither one of those are hard.
easy hendrix songs= oxymoron

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hey, just because they are easy to play doesn't mean they aren't hard to master! jimi is a legend. go for purple haze, just because it is probably the most hendrixy sounding song and its fairly easy ( well if i can play it it must be, because i suck a bit)
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Were any hard to play?
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Foxy Lady
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voodoo child and all along the watch tower were the first ones i learned... the latter is harder than the first

edit: and remember to improvise, dont just mimic the tab, add some flair
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by far the easiest.

Hey Joe and All along the Watchtower aren't too bad either, but the beauty of Hendrix's material is that to a certain degree it can be as hard or as easy as you want because his whole style was based around improving round chords. You can play a perfectly good, recognisable version of a Hendrix song using fairly basic chords and as you get more confident and familiar with it you can start adding in all the frills, embellishments and lead fills.
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I love Hendrix.

Here's a quick breakdown of skills you'll need to know for his less technical works.
Fire - gotta know how to cradle the string inbetween the octave harmonic intervals he's using for that opening riff. Other than that, it's barre chords with a simple solo.

Purple Haze - the E7#9 chord the song is based around is tricky to finger at first. Also, to really get the Hendrix feel, you'll have to be comfortable sliding into and out of notes, plus you will have to know how to bend notes spot on.

Foxy Lady - To get a Hendrix feel, get your trills down and in time. Once again, sliding into and out of notes here. The "Foxy.. " riff will make your right hand better at jumping from string to string.

Hey Joe - Basically same skills as Fire. Knowing the second inversion of the E and A form barre chords will help you get a more authentic feel out of it, as these were things Hendrix used a lot when playing rhythm.