umm yeah another wonderful waste of time... ill go on once and a while and commit some virtual hate crimes...... ANyone here play?
I dont know...

Lets talk about the weather!

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Wait, I had an idea other than killing and skull fucking? What's up with me today...
man i play that game too much
if you want my character name is Thu.Ndr

PAC for life!!!
its free as long as you pay for the cd?

bf 2142 also taught me how to speak russian

so now i walk around school shouting "enemy spotted" at the russian kids
nope you gotta ''buy'' it, i prefer btf 2
EDIT: my little cousin can talk 3 words of german because he plays COD, and he says that 3 words everytime he sees me.
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i cant get mine to work on my computer. what a waste. : ( any suggestions on computers?
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when enough rednecks start talking about how awesome it is, that's when it's defined as classic rock.
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The newest one for the 360 kicks so much ****in Ass!!!!

have you ever thought that games meant for the pc might not be as good on a console?
i like wat shedlight said and it is way better on 360.
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i like wat shedlight said and it is way better on 360.

but ive been playing fps games since cs 1.3
and every time i touch a keyboard my left hand automatically hovers over the wasd keys.

i cant play shooting games on consoles at all
except red faction 2 on my ps2
that game is legendary
I was playing until I got my widescreen. Stupid EA.
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EA tried to make something good like steam

although im suspicious of steam because i think it watches what im doing