Hi all!

I have written a song, and to be honest I think it's a real kickass song, but only melodically.
I know that most artists nowadays put a lot of effort to get a cool sounding guitar riff, but I know that the lyrics are a very huge part of the song.
Bad lyrics can ruin any song.
I want to give a message to the listeners.

The song is written in minor, and is some kind of a song that "peps you up", like "Final Countdown" by Europe.

I totally suck at writing lyrics, but I am really open-minded to learn all about it.
Any ideas would be appreciated

in minor, but peps you up?
im interested!
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Thanks for the quick replies!

@Off-The-Heazay: Hehe, I know it sounds wierd. If you have heard Final Countdown and Eye of the Tiger, then you should know what I mean
^ if you had read the FAQ you'd know theres a Lyrics tips htread for this.
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