Alright, well... I guess Ill start with whats wrong. I was playing my b52 today and all out of no where my head cuts out... DEAD SILENT... So I turned it off and let it cool down for about a half an hour and tried it again. Nothing happend. So I waited alittle longer and then switched it over to a/b and then solid state and they both worked fine. Does anyone know whats wrong with my A channel?

Also I noticed that I wasnt getting the volume I should be out of the head.
Sounds power-tube related to me.
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alright, well... there was also a rattleing before hand.

and are tubes expensive to replace?
Yeah, it's probably the tubes. Expect to spend about 70-100 bucks. But you should note an improvement in your tone (Provided the tubes aren't super cheap) and they should last you another year or so.
Any idea on what kind. If its the power tubes that went out I need 6l6. Are ruby tubes any good. Plus I didnt see any visible damage to the tubes. What if they arent the power tubes? or is that the only reason this would happen?
Either fried a tube or maybe it has separate fuses for the solid state side and tube side and you blew the tube side fuse.
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