Now, normaly Id just get one of the better DiMarzios, but now Im open to new suggestions. Right now I have a Fred, but Im looking for a pickup with a higher output, a little bit less flat eq, pretty decent cleans, and not too bright. Suggestions?

Edit-A thick sound is a must
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DiMarzio super distortion !!!
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Higher output than fred? Thicker sound? Less flat EQ? Pretty much boils down to two choices, Tone Zone if you want a big upper midrange bump and a modern, shred-orientated tone; Breed if you want a more traditional sound with a thicker lower midrange. Unfortunately you aren't going to get better cleans with higher output, but you can always install a series/parallel switch.
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Bareknuckle if you got the cash for it. Check out the soundclips they have on their forums.
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