Hey guys, I really need an explanation. I was thinking of replacing the stock speakers in my AD15VT (1 x 8). My question is, since the stock speaker is 8 inch, does that mean I have to replace it with an 8 inch speaker? If not, what can't I replace it with?

Btw, I already read the Cab sticky and that didn't help. I'm sorry if I appear as a noob, but I'm perplexed. If it matters, I'm thinking of replacing it with a Celestion. Thanks for any help.
The cabinet only fits an 8 inch speaker. The only way to use a bigger speaker is to re-wire it. Having said that, it's really not worth doing IMO.
Yeah, it sucks. It will still sound boxy no matter what you replace it with because of the tiny speaker. But if you can find a tech who will wire it to use a cabinet for a good price, go ahead. Oh and of course, you'll need the cabinet.