I don't know if this has already been posted but I couldn't seem to find anything on it...

When you are doing the pinch harmonics (like in the intro of Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria if you are familiar like that) where it's like some notes and then one that has the pinch harmonics, how do you hold the pick?
I've tried doing it with my fingers all the way up towards the tip but then I either get all the notes like that or none of them. I can't seem to make it so I get just the one note right. Maybe I'm going about this all wrong?
any suggestions?
well, at a certain point, you either learn how to change your pick position quickly enough for songs like that, or to do pinch harmonics without changing position. i did the latter. i tend to drop my pick if i try the first but for something like that, to start out, just hold your pick in the position you normally do pinch harmonics with, but adjust the angling of your wrist so you can play normal notes, the when its time for the pinch harmonics just let it rip.
yeah it seems a little hard for me too, to play other notes and then just pinch in the middle....but im familiar with the song and i dont find that difficult, but i do wonder how to hold the pic for fast soloing to pinch harmoncis....
yea, i hold my pick between my thumb and index finger. get it to the very tip of the pick, then when you hit the string just lightly touch it with your thumb. You just have to practice it man, it took me a while but a few weeks later I could do Artifical Harmonics as good as zakk wylde... try that out if it doesnt help I'll try and find another way to explain it.
I do what trivium1123 said. The picks i use are really small, and allow for easy pinch harmonics. I hold the pick quite close to the tip, and I have enough control to not hit the string after I pick it, so it's a normal note. It's all in the practice. Eventually, you figure out a way of moving your hand to picking normally, then going to a harmonic, and then back. I pick with very little attack, or try to, and generally when I do a pinch harmonic I add a little more attack and move my wrist a tad so my thumb graces against the string.
alright, well after playing around with it for a while I found two ways it works best.

Either, angle your hand so that you can move it down after you hit the note and make the harmonics but can leave it in that position and just let the note ring regularly


put your thumb on one side of the pick and use the side it's not on when you want to play a normal note and the side it is on when you need to play a harmonic

i don't know how well either of those work in fast things
but they work for me right now