ok so heres the thing i entered for this contest on brickfish that asks about where i want to work and i had to put it on a blog so that people would vote for it. thats where you guys come in if you guys could please read my blog and maybe vote for it it would really help me out a lot, hope fully you people like it, its all about music and my experiences with it

heres my site http://www.brickfish.com/TheVagrantHeroes
Aw man that sucks... well if any one still likes it enough to make one and vote then please do
i have 37 days till the competition ends. its like a myspace only crappier so it shouldnt take to long.
thanks XibanezedgeX
Quote by XibanezedgeX
i read it and really liked it but to vote i need an acount

What's wrong with your av?