i feel like a such a noob asking this but i was just curious. i usually use speaker amps so i dont really deal with tubes much but i was wondering... to get sound from a tube amp, do you need a cab to run it through or can you get sound just from the head? my friend told me you did but i wasnt sure. i really dont even know why im asking. i guess i'm just curious. thanks in advance.
If its a head then yes you need a cab, if its a combo then no you do not.
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one tid bit of advice, make sure especially if its valve state that you got speakers plugged into the back. if not, mr output transformer go boom. wether its a cab or combo,
so long as you have speakers conected. the head cannot make any sound itself, other then when its sizzling.
haha, i didn't know this, and i was about to buy a head pretty soon, good thing i know now, lol