k, well im starting to save now...anything under $1200...I play a fender mexi strat right now, i love it, but I know there is better tones for me out their...I play mostly punk-rock music and a little classic rock and some blues...but i can use my mexi strat for the blues and classic rock

Anyhow, I'm just wondering for under $1200.00 what is the best guitar for me and/or pickups

Like maybe an upgraded form of a stratocaster or any other guitars...link me to a page that shows them and their prices please if you can thanks a lot...I'm thinking about a seymore duncan invader for whatever I end up with...depends on the guitar

But thanks in advance for the suggestions
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I forgot to mention I play a Peavey Bandit 112 Amp
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"are you an angel because i have an erection."
My personal choice for those types of music would be something from the Epiphone/Gibson line. For 1200, you could get an Epiphone Elitist Les Paul, or better yet (in my opinion), a Gibson Standard SG. That would give you a good tone for punk-rock, along with a good classic rock tone (think Angus my friend). As far as blues go, maybe if you had enough left over after getting one of those guitars, you could get some new pickups for your Mexican Strat. Fender Vintage Noiseless pickups work wonders. I have one in my Mexican Strat (in the mid), and it's pretty much all I need for blues and jazz.

Epiphone Elitist Les Paul Custom:

Gibson SG Standard (just a little over 1200, but in my opinion, definitely worth it)
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I really love the tone out my amp i gotta say lol
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"are you an angel because i have an erection."
any other guitars..?? theres gotta be more than three :P I was lookin at the Tom DeLonge Sig, but thats gonna be too much of a hassle to get
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"are you an angel because i have an erection."
get a good LP... they're good for classic rock and blues... should do well for punk, too
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Atticus, there's a lot more than those three guitars, haha. Your best bet would be to go out and try some, see what not only fits your playstyle as far as sound, but as far as playability and comfort. Personally, I would rather take a good sounding guitar that's easy to play over an amazing sounding guitar that makes my fingers bleed.
shawn i agree completely, i was just trying to get some suggestions, i dont wanna go try every guitar in the store man no what i mean, i will if i gotta though
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"are you an angel because i have an erection."
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