I have a Schecter C-1 hellraiser, i absolutely adore it, love the EMG's and it looks great, but its getting time to change strings and i was wondering if there was any specific good string i should use for it.

Also i was just wondering about what amps work well with it i really like the peavey valve king but i don't know, i wanted some more opinions.

well thanx for your time, if you read this
~shecter hellraiser C-1~
D'addario strings.

B-52 AT-112 amplifier (seems to be near your price range).
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i have found for that axe use ghs 10/46's or dr 10/46 or D'addario 10/46

there is some great picks for strings! as for amps just go with the peavey valve king unless you can find an old marshall jcm 800 ect...
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